TMD ASR2020 Radar System

Igence have collaborated with TMD to design and build the ASR2020 radar system which is the next generation S-Band Airport Surveillance Radar and is offered as a Watchman Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) upgrade or part of a Turnkey Solution to modern ATC Terminal radar needs.

Wind Farm Resilience

Wind farms are being constructed in ever larger numbers in order to meet European renewable energy targets. This poses a problem for the operation of air traffic control services as wind farms cause clutter on radar displays which can hide real aircraft returns as well as render large areas on the controllers’ displays unusable because of the uncertainty of what is clutter and what are aircraft.

Igence are working with TMD to refine an identified and patented low cost solution that is compatible with existing local air traffic control primary radar systems. We are working towards a practical demonstration of a capability that will gain regulatory approval, in order that the current objections to wind farm developments from the ATC community may be removed. The result of this work is the new Primary Surveillance Radar, the ASR2020, for air traffic control applications. This will be sold either as a complete radar system, or as components to upgrade existing systems. The MS3601 Receiver-Exciter-Signal Processor has digital signal generation; ultra-stable local oscillators; wide dynamic range IF digital sampling; digital pulse compression; adaptive Doppler filtering; high resolution clutter maps; FPGA programmable waveform control; adaptive thresholding and plot filtering; and sophisticated Built-in Test Equipment (BITE). The processing algorithms are flexible and may be modified and adapted simply by means of changes to external parameters determined by configuration files. An optional, ‘enhanced windfarm suppression’ feature, consists of small auxiliary receiving antennas - fixed to the antenna tower below the main rotating radar antenna - and associated receiver channels and processing in the MS3601 rack.