SAR Image Formation Processors

Igence have developed strip-map and spotlight SAR processors including motion compensation and autofocus solutions which have been successfully demonstrated on data from a number of platforms:

Interrupted SAR

Combat aircraft fire-control radars have multiple modes for prosecuting airborne targets. Operation in a dynamic environment requires that the modes are interleaved to operate simultaneously. Currently, SAR operation requires that the radar suspend all other activities while collecting data resulting in a loss of situational awareness. Igence have developed a promising interrupted SAR mode based on apodisation to tackle this problem.

SAR image exploitation

In a military context, the utility of SAR imagery depends on the extraction of timely and relevant intelligence. In many scenarios automatic techniques are required to detect and identify the presence of targets of interest. Igence have collaborated with QinetiQ to develop theoretical models of SAR automatic target recognition performance as part of the MoD ATRI programme.